We strive to keep tuition and fees as reasonable as possible while giving dancers a great experience.

  • Every student must pay a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $15 per year, which can be paid HERE
  • Regular class tuition is $40 per month. If a student takes 2 classes (e.g. hip hop and regular dance), he or she will receive a discount of $5 per class (pay $70 tuition per month instead of $80).

NOTE: August tuition will be ½ the regular amount ($20 per student if taking 1 class, $35 per student if taking 2 classes) because we only have 2 weeks of classes in August.

Tuition and fees can be paid in the following ways: 

  • Credit card by enrolling in autopay - Fill out and submit a credit card form (which can be found HERE) and we will automatically charge tuition and fees for you (this is the best option to avoid late fees and not have to remember to pay)

  • Venmo – send to Venmo username: tanya-rasmussen

  • Cash – Please put in an envelope with the student’s name written on it

  • Check – Please make payable to “Tanya’s Dance and Fitness Studio” and put the student’s name in the “note” line

Each month’s full tuition amount is due at the beginning of the first class of the month August – April. Any tuition paid after the 10th day of the month is considered late and will incur a $10 late fee. 

Note: Although classes will be held the first two weeks of May, no tuition will be due that month to make up for weeks when dance was not held. Full tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month; because we hold a total of 34 classes during the year, we collect that amount 8.5 times.

We require 30+ days' notice to drop out of classes; otherwise tuition will be due for both the current and the following month.

Recital and costume fees will be due in December or January as we prepare for our spring recital. The recital fee is used to rent the auditorium, sound and other equipment, decorations, staffing, programs, etc. This fee allows you to invite friends or family to the recital for free. Costume fees are used to cover your child’s costume (or costumes if taking multiple classes). Dance pictures are taken in the spring and whether or not you want to purchase them is optional.